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Butter or Shortening Replacement – Palm Oil

With a milk allergy and a soy allergy I used to cringe every time I saw “butter” or “shortening” listed in a recipe. Even the phrase “milk-free, soy-free margarine” made me laugh out loud. I couldn’t find a single instance of that ephemeral substance in all of Seattle. I made do with canola oil* until I found this:

Spectrum Shortening (Palm Oil)

Spectrum Shortening (Palm Oil)

Palm Oil. I buy Spectrum brand [1]. It’s a solid fat that has neither milk nor soy. Yes! Also, I don’t have to adapt the amounts.

*When using canola or olive oil instead of a solid fat you need to reduce the amount of oil or you food gets … oily. I usually start with about 3/4 oil for every 1 cup of butter/margarine/shortening called for.