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Egg-Free French Toast – Attempt #572

From Alice Enevoldsen

Mix Together

Stir Together

Cut into Strips (if you want strips, I haven’t tried this with whole slices)


Mix liquid and dry ingredients in a plate. Coat (do not soak) only as many strips of bread at a time as will fit into your skillet. In cooking words I would say “dredge” the bread strips in the goop.

Place immediately into low-heat lightly-greased skillet, cook till done – a couple minutes on each side. Hopefully you can get to a point on side 1 where the bread seems to be drying a little on the top before you flip, and then the bottom side that you flip up will be golden-brown.

I’ve been searching for a good, functional egg-free French Toast recipe for years. Thank goodness for Jennifer and Alyce on the WA-FEAST listserv who turned me on to the idea of making a very thin pancake batter, and using that. It is very close to exactly what I need. There’s one more recipe through them that I need to try – it relies on Xanthan Gum. The recipes on the vegan websites that use bananas, egg-replacer, or cornstarch never turn out for me. I wonder if I’m using the wrong bread.

This recipe is also shared with other allergy-friendly recipes at Cybele Pascal’s website [3].