Quince Jelly
Nov 1st, 2013 by Alice

From Alice Enevoldsen

Quince Jelly

  • Quinces (I used 55, home-grown)
  • Sugar (¾ cup per cup of juice — for my 55 I ended up using 8lbs sugar)
  • Water
  • (For 55 quinces I needed 24 8oz jars, lids, and bands)

Quince Jelly


Wash, core, and eighth your quinces. Bletting of home-grown quinces is great, but rotting is not. Bletting is the darkening of the flesh, and looks quite  lot like rotting if you haven’t seen it before. The images below show nice bletting and no rotting.

Fill a pot with water so you can see it through the top layer of quinces. Don’t cover the quinces.

Cook/simmer until the quinces are soft. Sieve off the liquid, using a jellybag or several layers of cheesecloth. Save the liquid, compost the flesh.

Re-strain the liquid through wet cheesecloth. Put four cups in a saucepan.

Simmer for a short time. Skim off any foam that has developed.

Add ¾ cup sugar per cup of juice. At this point the liquid will clarify.

Simmer until the pectin has developed and the jelly “sheets” off a cool metal spoon. Skim off foam as it develops.

Pour your jelly into sterilized jelly jars and process according to your directions for jelly.

Be careful canning, follow sterile procedure to protect yourself and your food from bacteria.

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