I Think They’re Confused
June 6th, 2009 by Alice

My mother bought some cookies. She didn’t buy them for me. I would never eat this type of cookie anyway. And I don’t live with her, so they aren’t contaminating my living space. But I think the people who design their label are a little confused about the meaning of the word “nut.” Observe:

Jennies Almond (flavored) Macaroons

Notice that these are made in a “TREE NUT AND PEANUT FREE FACILITY.” Hmm … this could be somewhat true – maybe they’re artificially flavored (not that I’d trust fake almond anyway). Oh, I guess not, since it says “No Artificial Flavor.” If it is real almond, then your facility isn’t tree nut free. If it isn’t real almond then there are artificial flavors. Also notice that right under the ingredients it claims “NO NUTS ARE USED IN THIS PRODUCT.” Well, almond extract and flavoring are still made from nuts. (If you can’t read the label, click the picture to enlarge) More claims about what isn’t in this product.

It gets better.

Jennies Coconut Macaroons

Notice that these are only made in a “PEANUT FREE FACILITY.” I wonder why? Oh! It’s because they consider coconut a tree nut (as defined by the FDA). I wonder why they don’t consider almond a tree nut. And I wonder how their facility is tree nut free for the Almond Macaroons. They clearly must have two facilities. More claims about what isn’t in this product.

I’m going to take this as proof that you shouldn’t blindly trust labeling. Also, I didn’t know the FDA considered coconut a tree nut, I hadn’t heard that. I always have to clarify for people that coconut, although not normally considered a nut, is still problematic for me – though less so than other nuts.

3 Responses  
  • Julie writes:
    June 10th, 20096:39 pmat

    Actually, I did get these for you! For you to wonder at; just not for you to EAT.

  • Owen writes:
    August 29th, 20104:08 pmat

    Hi, I found this post looking for info on whether the almond flavor Jennie’s were also gluten free (it looks like they are from the photo of the tin.)

    Anyway you might be interested to know that a few minutes ago I was on another site writing about these that mentioned the almond flavor is an extract that actually comes from apricot kernels, so there actually are no nuts in these, other than the coconut.

    See here:

  • Alice writes:
    September 21st, 201010:42 pmat

    Okay. Interesting. Still sounds deadly for me … and I’d recommend they clarify their advertising. But interesting none-the-less. Thanks Owen.

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