Dear Jelly Belly, You’re making my day!
September 21st, 2010 by Alice

Okay, this has to come with the warning to DO YOUR OWN research if you have allergies, but, after many many years of not eating Jelly Bellys because of cross-contamination with the peanut butter flavored beans, I just heard that that flavor was discontinued, and all Jelly Belly flavors are now safe for vegtarians, peanut-allergic individuals, and dairy-allergic individuals. Not to mention that they’re Kosher. Their non-Jelly Belly candy is made on different equipment. They still make licorice – one of my allergens – but cross contamination is less of an issue with that one for me. They do use cornstarch.

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY I CAN EAT JELLY BELLYS AGAIN! Well, probably, I’ll be trying them carefully at first. I’ll let you know how it goes.

This is also true of their candy corn. I have been craving mallowcreme for a DECADE.

CAVEAT: Check the package of Jelly Bellys for cross-contamination warnings. As Jelly Belly’s have a long shelf-life, the store you bought them from might have some of the old peanut-contaminated batches.

Thank you Jelly Belly. Thank you!

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