Milk Replacement – Oat Milk
Jun 6th, 2009 by Alice

If you’ve ended up without milk in your life, cooking and baking can sometimes be difficult. Luckily there’s Soy Milk. Unfortunately, if you’re also non-soy you’re left with Rice Milk. The consistency of Rice Milk is often incorrect for baking. It is about as good a substitute for milk as water mixed with a little sugar.

Enter upon the scene: Oat Milk!!

Pacific brand Oat Milk

Pacific brand Oat Milk

The consistency and sweetness of oat milk are much more like regular 2% milk than any other non-milk substitute I’ve ever tasted. I use it one for one in recipes calling for milk – even puddings! I discovered oat milk about 4 years ago, and I love it … but I’m also worried about how long it will be around. There’s only one brand sold in Washington State, so I do my best to buy as much of their product as I can to keep them alive.

My milk-drinking friends even like the taste of it, (though it doesn’t taste like milk.)

Go Dairy Free has a good review of what oat milk is all about, and they point out that if you’re gluten-intolerant, this probably isn’t the milk solution for you.

I buy Pacific Natural Foods brand. Bear in mind THEY ALSO MAKE NUT MILKS. So judge the safety of this ingredient for yourself. They do not list nuts as a cross-contaminant, and the milk is also marked Kosher Pareve. Their website has full side-of-the-box nutritional information for your edification. If you’re bean-sensitive, this brand also has carob bean gum in it. THIS IS LISTED AS GLUTEN CROSS-CONTAMINATED on their awesome food-sensitivities guide.

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